Friday, May 22, 2009


First blog ever....!

I have five hours before my first flight leaves to LA, and still a few things to do, so this will be brief.

I just want to say how grateful I am for a few things. I'm SO freakin' lucky...
-My beautiful mother- She is so supportive and loving and has helped me out not only in getting ready for this trip, but with everything, always. (I love you so much mom!)
-My awesome dad- Also so supportive and loving, he always helps me to remember things :) Oh, and he is as strong as an ant. (think about it)
-My AMAZING friends!! How did I get so lucky?? My friends are happy for me, and helpful in so so many ways; Marianne, for letting me put all my shiz at her house for the summer; Brenton, Adam, Markham, and Landon for helping me move all my shiz to Marianne's house... they rule hard; DIANA for coming with me to PERUUUU!! And for being amazingly sweet and such a good friend; Christyn, for getting me associated with ASCEND in the first place, and being so happy for me all the way.
-My great neighbors and work associates- You guys, thanks so much for all the donations and help with the fundraiser yardsale, it was a GREAT SUCCESS! WOOT!
My heart just has so many people to love :D

Also, I'm thankful for washers and dryers... and clean water... and.. English.. oh d d dear.

I'm going to have such a blast..

Love y'all.