Saturday, July 18, 2009

It had a foot on it... Poor baby...

Cuy day. Ever heard of cuy? It's a traditional food of certain South American highlands... oh, it's also known as guinea pig. My portion was a leg (drumstick??) with the foot, hip, and all.

Thank you Erasmo.

We actually had a really good time with Erasmo today. He loves hanging out with us- he took us to El Centro... which is in "the center" of Lima. Very cool sights and very many whistles and stares. The streets and walkways are flooded with people selling things, and everyone is selling the same five things. Snacks, plastic toys, magazines, jewelry, and snacks. I buy snacks. well.. I buy chocolate. UNSOL!
Then we went to Erasmo's house where his wife and maid prepared juanes, salad, fried potatoes, and cuy. It was a good meal- nice and traditional. Then of course, you can't go over to Erasmo's house without singing kareoke for at least an hour... I just had a good time hanging out with Erasmo's little four-year-old girl..AH she is sO adorable.

Aaaaand a movie night! Batman. It's always dark in Gotham.

Hug your mother.

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